Earn Reward Instantly

ANTS works by applying 4% fee to each transaction, 1% burned and 1.5% sent to blackhole then other 1.5% distributed to all ANTS holders.
Holders do not need to stake, reward will sent to all holder’s wallets instantly without any fees.

True Decentralized

There is no owner of ANTS contract (ownership has renounced).
There is no ICO, no presale and no team or dev token.
100% Liquidity LP token sent to burn address, pool locked forever.

Fair Launch

100% of ANTS supply was added to liquidity, no dev token.
500B token Max per Transaction.


50% of ANTS supply sent to burn address (blackhole).


Ants ($ANTS) is MultiChain token that built on Heco Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

ANTS Contract (Binance Smart Chain)


ANTS Contract (Heco Chain)


Max Supply

100,000,000,000,000 ANTS

Fair Launch

100% of supply added to Liquidity

Liquidity Locked Forever

Liquidity LP token sent to burn address